We supply and install the following

➢ Canopy and Grease Filters

Tailor-made canopies are available at the lowest possible rates and the highest quality standards with either wall or island mounted versions to standard and nonstandard size.

All our canopies are designed and manufactured in accordance with HVCA / DW/172.

Grease Filters:

• Stainless steel & aluminium baffle filters
• baffle & wire mesh flame barrier filter
• Steel wire mesh filters
• Disposable pre-filters.

➢ Ductwork

We provide a leak free duct work with minimised bends to allow for the smooth flow of the extracted air and odour. We take noise seriously. Our ductwork is fitted with the latest noise reduction technology in order to meet legal requirement.

➢ Extractor fans

According to Defra “Kitchen ventilation systems often have relatively high resistance against which a fan has to operate”. Therefore, we can supply and fit a variety of fans according to your business needs for example,

• Backward curved centrifugal, mixed flow or axial flow impellers.
• Fixed or adjustable metal impellers.
• Lightweight multi-vane or plastic–type impellers.
• Box fan.

➢ Odour Control systems

In order to achieve the best results in odour control, you can choose from our range of products;
Carbon Filters
Ozone Generators
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)
They are one of the best and easily maintained products to have in your extraction system as they supply pure fresh air and extract the smoke and the toxic grease odour form your kitchen.

➢ Gas Safety Interlock Systems

In the event of kitchen extraction fan failures, gas interlock system will cut-off the gas flow to your system to avoid the buildup of gas.

This will ensure a safer environment and will conform to mandatory government requirement in all commercial kitchens using gas appliances.

➢ Fresh air replacement and Heat recovery systems

An effective commercial kitchen ventilation system requires air balance “air in” = “air out”. The Fresh Air replacement system should be a subsystem of the overall building heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. The introduction of air supply via the extraction canopy can be made available using the following methods
1-Canopy front face discharge 2- Induction supply 3-Air Perimeter supply

➢ Wall Cladding / Sheet metal.

The benefits of wall cladding are:
• Easy to clean
• Smooth
• Long lasting
• Hygienic
• Fire and heat resistant


Canopy Design, Fabrication and Installation from £1500

Canopy Design, Fabrication and Installation from £1500












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