Presentation is key in retail and we’ll see that your business shines.

All retail outlets share the same goal, to present their brands and the products within to the highest standards to prospective customers. Impressions can play a big part in purchase decision making, and customers may be more inclined to spend their money elsewhere if the visual appeal of your business falls short. Our cleaning operatives play an important role in protecting your company’s image and making sure the premises are flawlessly clean.

M&A’s cleaning technicians are all trained in use of relevant machinery for any job. This means that, whatever the layout of your floor plan, we will have right machine to produce the most efficient and cost effective results. We have a wide range of scrubber dryers at our disposal which have been specifically designed to cover large hard flooring areas quickly, but still maintain the manoeuvrability to make sure they can cover every square foot of your business. We also cater for carpet and upholstery cleaning to reinvigorate tired and worn fibres. We offer bespoke business solutions to compliment traditional regular daily cleaning schedules and guarantee to maintain the high standards of your businesses interior whilst keeping the costs to a minimum.

So please get in touch with us and we’ll talk through exactly what we can do for your business.

M&A provides retail cleaning services to a wide variety of establishments, including independent stores, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centres and sports clubs.