All works carried out in accordance with BESA TR/19 Guide To Good Practice.

The cleaning of canopies will remove all carbon, grease and fatty deposits.
This will reduce the risk of fire and also improve airflow and ventilation in the kitchen.

Canopy services include a full deep clean to the canopy and plenum chamber. Our kitchen canopy cleaner will also deep clean the grease filters. Our kitchen canopy cleaners are fully trained and clean to BESA TR/19 Guide To Good Practice standards.

Frequency of cleaning as recommended by BESA TR/19 7.35

Heavy Use 12-16 Hours Per Day 3 Monthly
Moderate Use 6-12 Hours Per Day 6 Monthly
Light Use 2- 6 Hours Per Day 12 Monthly


Kitchen Canopy Cleaners

We clean all types of kitchen filters such as mesh , baffle , stainless steel , aluminium etc. Dirty and greasy filters will seriously effect the performance of your kitchen extract system, we can also provide new filters, a certificate of hygiene will be provided on completion of all works.