Here at M&A Cleaner we are a duct cleaning specialist and are a fully certified ductwork cleaning company. We are experts in cleaning duct and kitchen extraction systems to the highest possible standards required by you and the law. Kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned regularly and kitchen duct cleaning is vital.

Without adequate cleaning, kitchens and professional kitchens especially get dirty very quickly. Even a fairly well maintained commercial kitchen gathers grease and grime over time and your ductwork can become embedded in the by-products of your food preparation services. As well as being unsanitary this can be very dangerous as it poses the risk of a fire.

Our operatives are well trained and highly skilled in the field of ductwork cleaning and they can help you maintain your ductwork and fan systems to the necessary high standards.

So, to keep your commercial kitchen clean and hygienic and safe from the risk of fire, get in touch with us at M&A Cleaner where you can find experts in ductwork cleaning and more.

  • Ductwork Cleaning
  • Extract Fan Cleaning
  • Access Panels Supplied and Fitted
  • One Off Or Contract Cleans
  • Certificate Of Compliance Provided.