We at M&A Cleaners believe that the only way to achieve a quality clean is to utilise a combination of all present methods, air blast, rotary brush, vacuum, scrape, etc. As in many cases the use of only one of these is insufficient to comply with the current regulations.

Many of our competitors obsess about one technique, there is NO single technique that will clean all the internal parts of a ventilation system. Access panels conforming to DW144 are fitted by M&A Cleaners at correct intervals depending on ductwork size and integral equipment. We are one of the cheapest installers of access panels in the country, and the price of these is usually included in the works price.

During the cleaning process any minor corrosion is treated accordingly and minor problems reported. Protective sheets and powerful air mover units are used to ensure no dust / debris dislodged in the cleaning process contaminates the environment. All debris is sealed in air tight bags for disposal. A cleaning certificate is issued for you to place in your Air Hygiene Log.

Disinfection alone will not give you compliance with the new recommendations and the system must be cleaned first. Disinfection is applied by the means of a fine biocide mist or it is fogged into the supply system immediately after the clean. The formulation of this biocide has been reviewed and changed recently to prevent acquired immunity building up within the system. Our biocide is approved for use inside ventilation systems and is a virucide and sporacide but with no odour or chlorine agents it is safe for occupants. The disinfection process is carried out in accordance with our Standard Method Statement DIS1.