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At M&A we are dedicated to providing a one-stop resource to comprehensive specialist cleaning services.

We take great pride in the variety and quality of specialist cleaning services we can offer your business. Tailoring our methods to any need, we make sure that no stone is left unturned and that your premises are left spotless. As a M&A client you will receive the highest care and consideration to your cleaning program regardless of the size or scale of the business. We have provided our specialist services to a huge variety of sectors, including healthcare, corporate and educational. From small independent retailers to the largest community hospital in London, M&A promise to provide the right solutions for any circumstances.

At the forefront of specialist cleaning in the healthcare sector for many years, our Intensive Deep Cleaning Systems (i+DCS) division was specifically created to help combat hospital acquired infections through specialist deep cleaning. The division is responsible for cleaning both clinical and non-clinical areas and our results consistently exceed the criteria laid out by the NHS in the National Specifications for Cleanliness. The use of microfibre technology, hydrogen peroxide vapour, and other innovative solutions ensure that all cleaning is carried out efficiently and effectively to create safer patient environments.


We want our customers to love what we do and enjoy being part of our family and so we always aim to provide a consistent, smooth and ordered range of services giving our clients memorable experiences. We make use of the best and latest equipment that is skillfully wielded by a fully trained and honest team of workers.


To conquer the UK market with our maintenance and cleaning solutions in areas where they have been lacking or inefficiently ran. Our business ethic is strongly competitive while always striving to uphold our professional name.


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Words From the Directors

CEO / Co-Founder

Moji Adeyeye

The company you can trust. 

In order to join the M&A Cleaners team, potential applicants are screened extensively. We run a complete Criminal and Background check to ensure that the individuals entering your home are trustworthy. 

M&A Cleaners employees go through a two-week training period before they are ever permitted to enter any home. Even after the initial training, the quality of their work is supervised by our management staff. A checklist is also provided for our teams to ensure everything has been cleaned to standard. 

As per our guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will have one of our teams available to re-clean your home.



CTO / Founder

Anthony Adeyeye

M&A Professionals Kitchen Ventilation

February 2005 – Present (10 years 6 months)

M&A Cleaners Kitchen Ventilation is a leading supplier of Commercial Kitchen design,  concentrating solely on offering Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, with  Canopies available at both the lowest possible prices and the highest quality.  Our Canopies are made with 304 or 430 Grade Stainless Steel and include  Stainless Steel Baffle Filters, Grease Drip Trays and come fully sealed to form a  grease tight unit and are manufactured in accordance with DW172.  OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:  • Commercial Extraction Canopies  • Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction  • Air Input Systems and Replenishment  • Gas Interlock Systems  • Carbon Filter Systems and Odour Control  • Silencers and Noise Control  • Stainless Steel Wall Cladding  • Hygienic Plastic Wall Cladding  • Replacement Baffle/Mesh Filters  • Replacement Fans and Controllers  • Spiral or Rectangular Ducting  Installation is available all over the UK by our experienced Kitchen Engineers!  Exclusive **M&A Cleaners CANOPY KIT** offer everything from the Canopy to the last bolt! And because we install these items on a day to day basis we are able to talk the customer through the install process, a bit like a jigsaw!  Delivery to the customer or direct to site within 5-7 working days.


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