50JM.BIF (200)/20/4/6//32 3PH


Another great fan from FlaktWoods, Bifurcated (sometines shortened to Bifs or Bif Fans) are inline axial flow fans where the motor has been taken out of the airstream. This allows the fan to operate at higher temperatures.

Available sizes 400mm – 630mm from stock
800mm and 1000mm ring for availability
The Casings are spun sheet steel, then hot dipped galvanised to give a finish highly resistant to corrosion and can be mounted external and internal
The impeller (the bit that goes around and moves the air) is manufactured die cast aluminium
The motors are totally enclosed with class F insulation with protection to IP55.
The fans can be installed horizontal or vertical
They can be run upto 200Deg Continuos temperature
All suitable for speed control via inverter

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